THE STATEMENT OF THE PARLIAMENT OF GEORGIA on introduction of visa regime between Russia and Georgia

The Parliament of Georgia expresses its protest on introduction of visa regime between Russia and Georgia because of Russiaís position at the negotiations.

Georgian side ones again mentions that official authority of Georgia was against introduction of visa regime and considers that this will not only serve as a stumbling block between the relation of two countries, but will have negative effect on traditional friendship of people of Russia and Georgia.

It is sovereign will of Russia to introduce visa regime with another state, but no one is entitled without a consent of Georgia to put different regions of Georgia in varied legal conditions as it is going to be unilaterally laid down by Russia in an additional protocol of visa agreement.

The Parliament of Georgia considers the abovementioned as unrespectfull step towards sovereignty and territorial supremacy of Georgia which constitutes the breach of universally recognized principles of international law and is regarded as an attempt of interference in internal affairs of Georgia as well as an extra proof of Russiaís unfair interest towards Abkhazia and so called South Osetia.

If Russian Federation Authority still remains on the proposed position of visa introduction which constitutes the grave breach of fundamental principles of international law Parliament of Georgia will consider the above-mentioned as an attempt of annexation of its territory as well as legal proof of title in regard of seized historic territories of Georgia and declares with full responsibility that Georgia will use all the necessary means recognized by international law to defend sovereignty and integrity.

24 November, 2000, Tbilisi.

(Archive of the Parliament of Georgia)†††††††††